No ADHD diagnosis is the same, but sometimes the symptoms are opposite to what you’d imagine, particularly in women

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The idea of an ADHD person focusing too hard on something can sound like an oxymoron. But in reality, hyper-focusing is a real symptom of ADHD, and like all ADHD traits, can be utilised for good if trained. Photo by Elena Taranenko on Unsplash

Growing up, I was a classic nerd. Whilst waiting for the bus to leave after school, I opted for blasting through my homework rather than hanging out with people my age. When I picked up a new teenage-fiction book, I would become almost fixated on finishing it, reading in the school library during break-time or staying up to the early hours of the morning. This borderline obsession with completing something I had set my sight on, I would later learn is a form of ‘hyper-focusing’, and a controversial, less-recognised symptom of ADHD.

Both my parents are doctors, and later in…

Like many, change can scare me. But working in the communications industry, it is something I need to embrace if I am to keep up with the times. Medium is a platform that I have pleasantly observed from afar, but it is time to dive in.

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How I think I look writing on a Friday night. Credit: Valuble Content

As someone that works in the communications industry, writing articles is part of my job. But during my time in this line of work, I have found that (like many), I’ve not always been enthralled by the topics I am asked to write on. As a science communicator by training, translating the driest scientific papers or promoting one of your organisation’s benign events (that inevitably attracts no one), can sometimes take all the fun out of it. I have at times almost lost the joy that can be obtained from writing.

In more recent months I have had the pleasure…

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